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MWB Design Pty Ltd ‘SL’ series range of extruders are designed and built in Australia. Low centre line heights making them ideal for small to medium blown film applications or custom mounting for co- extrusion applications.

  • Screw diameters from 25mm up to 65mm with L/D ratios from 20/1 to 30/1

  • *Outputs from 4.5kg/hr to 115 kg/hr

  • *Based on LDPE/LLDPE 2.5 MFI with barrier screw. 24/1 LD ratio

Standard equipment level includes:


  • Heavy duty “low noise” integral thrust gearbox with minimum mechanical service factor equal to 1.8. Thrust bearings SKF 29..... E series.

  • Screw: metering/mixing/barrier depending on polymer to be processed. Nitrided or hardfaced.

  • Barrel with integral feed and cooling jacket. Nitrided or bimetallic. 7500 psi rupture plug fitted.

  • Rigid machined base frame with adjustable barrel support.

  • Hopper with viewports and material shut off slide.

  • Breaker plate.

  • Nitrided.

  • Screw ejector.

  • Vee clamp.


  • AC motor suitable for vector drive, direct coupled to gearbox with independent forced cooling.

  • Barrel heating /cooling assemblies. German designed and manufactured high efficiency ribbed ceramic elements with alloy cooling fins and high output cooling fans for precise process temperature control.

  • Insulated housings for operator protection against heat and electrical terminations.

  • Type J thermocouples.

  • Terminal box.


  • Powder coating or painting to standard Joton / RAL colors.


  • Electrical drawings.

  • Operation and maintenance manual.


  • Control panel.

  • PID temperature control.

  • Solid state relays.

  • AC (sensorless) vector drive.

  • Adaptor
    Adaptors can be specifically designed for connection to your die.
    Supplied with heating element and type J thermocouple.

  • Pressure transducer
    0-10000 psi (69 MPa) melt pressure transducer with instrument,
    or, combined melt temperature and melt pressure with instrument
    and temperature indicator.




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